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cmms implementation

CMMS and IWMS Implementation
Regardless of the CMMS/EAM solution implemented, Ensoft Consulting can perform the implementation. Over the years, we have implemented and supported many of the leading software systems on the market. Our guiding principal of business improvement first, technology second ensures that when the new software is implemented, it will provide true and lasting results. Ensoft Consulting will manage the project from beginning to end. We help define requirements and accurately convey them to the software vendor. Then we work closely with the software vendor to ensure that your needs are met.

Implementation Project Management
Software implementation takes time and resources to accomplish. We have seen that most self-implemented software projects will languish without any true momentum or incentive for completion. If you are implementing your software with internal resources, let us provide a project manager to help keep the project on track. We will establish your project plan with milestones and target dates, and we will ensure the project maintains momentum through completion.

Software Upgrades
If your existing FM software is outdated or no longer supported by your software vendor, we will assist with upgrading the system to the latest version. Our services will include, among other things, project management, new process development, user manual and procedure development, user training, and data migration.

Optimization and Reimplementation
It is widely accepted that Facilities Management software in a typical facility or property management environment is somewhat underutilized. With all the rich functionality of the FM software applications, the average user may only utilize a work order management module and a preventive maintenance scheduling module. Rarely are these modules even used to their full potential.

When your facilities software fails to meet your needs, it is usually a result of poor planning, poor selection, and/or poor implementation. Though replacement of your software is sometimes required, your problems can usually be corrected without the expense of a new software system. Ensoft Consulting will properly assess your needs and requirements, then will optimize your existing system by implementing changes to your current software and processes. This allows you to gain significant improvements without undergoing a costly procurement.

Reports Development
Ensoft Consulting has specialized report writers with expertise on the leading report writing software including Crystal Reports, Actuate, Cognos, and BIRT. For software applications that contain a built-in report writer, we can help you determine which reports are needed, assist you with the creation of these reports, and train you so that you can create/modify reports as needed.

Mobile Solution Deployment
Deploying a mobile solution begins with a strategy that includes mobile devices AND your Facilities Management software. With our comprehensive approach, Ensoft Consulting will review the mobile software from your FM software provider. We will assist with the procurement of compatible mobile devices that will meet your needs as well as your budget. Our consultants will assist with the configuration and testing of the mobile software on the selected devices. Finally, we train your users on the new processes and devices to ensure a smooth transition to your mobile solution.

Systems Integration
Most Facilities Management organizations are utilizing multiple independent software systems to manage the various functions of their facilities operations (Space Management, Maintenance Management, Energy Management --- to name a few). With our systems integration services, we create connections between the various software databases allowing for a streamlined flow of information throughout the operations and improved access to management information.

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