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Maintenance Operations and Process Improvement
At Ensoft Consulting, we understand the impact strategy development can have on maintenance operations. With a sound strategy and a clear vision, maintenance departments within organizations can reinvent themselves – the typical stagnant reactionary maintenance function can evolve into a proactive value-adding organization.

With our business consulting expertise and our knowledge of maintenance processes and available technology, we help maintenance managers define their strategic objectives and align the organization with them. The alignment process may include process improvements, system enhancements, and/or training and change management.

Management Reporting and Performance Measurement Implementation
Facilities Managers often complain that they are not getting information from their FM software. The problem is likely not the software itself. Ensoft Consulting can give you some insight. We will review the reporting from your existing FM software and will implement necessary changes or enhancements.

We provide skilled and experienced consultants with deep facilities management experience to help define a set of reports and performance metrics that support your organizational objectives.

Preventive Maintenance Program Development
If your preventive maintenance program lacks structure and consistency, we can help. Ensoft Consulting provides experienced maintenance management professionals to assist with development of standardized preventive maintenance procedures and frequencies for facilities and production equipment. Once the program guidelines are defined, we will develop plans for populating your maintenance software with the required preventive maintenance setup data.

Asset Management Implementation
If you have a maintenance software system in place and are thinking about starting a committed asset management program, you’re likely faced with the monumental task of collecting and entering equipment data and preventive maintenance procedures into your system.

Regardless of the maintenance software you are using, Ensoft Consulting can audit your facilities-gathering equipment data for electronic upload into your database. Then we can help you develop and enter preventive maintenance procedures and schedules. We provide skilled professionals to perform the facility audits and, if desired, to affix equipment identifiers to each equipment item.

Inventory Management and Storeroom Setup
Maintenance spare parts make up a large percentage of your facilities budgets. Ensoft Consulting can define and implement cost saving inventory management practices. Our service will include setting up and starting up a controlled (or uncontrolled) storeroom, defining new inventory processes, configuring your inventory control software, and providing training.

FM Software Needs Assessment and Planning
When it comes to maintenance software, organizations tend to jump in with both feet - evaluating and purchasing software without really defining what they are trying to achieve. Working with your management, Ensoft Consulting helps envision the future for your maintenance organization and the supporting technology, then we work backwards to help put all the pieces together.

FM Software Selection
With our deep hands-on understanding of maintenance management software and related technology, we help our customers truly understand their maintenance software needs and document their primary software requirements. We then help you objectively evaluate qualified software systems against these requirements. In the end, you will have more confidence knowing you made the best selection decision.

Technology Review and Systems Integration
Ensoft Consulting will provide the expertise needed to review and refine your Facilities Management strategy. Our consultants have years of experience with Facilities Management practices and technologies including Space Management and GIS, Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Energy Management, and others. With our practical insight and your vision, we will create a plan for how it all fits together to be successfully integrated within your organization.

FM Software Review and Optimization
A common concern among Facilities Managers is whether their Facilities Management software is performing at its optimum level or whether they are taking advantage of its full capabilities. A software review by Ensoft Consulting will determine whether your concerns are valid. We will recommend and assist you with software and process changes to fully optimize your Facilities Management software’s potential.

Mobile Solution Strategies
When considering mobile solutions, Facilities Managers have numerous decisions to make regarding mobile devices. Should they use smartphones, tablets, laptops, or some other device? Should the devices be ruggedized or not? Should the devices have voice capabilities or not? Equally important is the development of a mobile strategy that includes software and procedures.

Ensoft consulting can assist your organization with all of these decisions. We will help you develop a detailed mobile strategy that creates efficiency throughout your organization. We will help sort through the many mobile technologies in the marketplace and select a solution best suited to your specific needs and financial constraints. Finally, we will assist with the implementation of the mobile solution in your FM software applications.

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