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Arkansas State University
Arkansas State University (ASU) improves efficiency and management reporting with solutions from Ensoft Consulting.

The Situation:
ASU understood that they were suffering from inefficiencies in the Facilities Management Department. Their reporting was ineffective and their processes were aging. A continuous backlog of work orders resulted in projects starting late and finishing late. Their technicians’ time was spent almost exclusively on reactive maintenance. ASU knew they needed assistance to uncover and correct the problems.

What We Did:
By conducting FM Strategy and Management Reporting Reviews, Ensoft Consulting determined that the solution required process and behavioral changes as well as modifications to the ASU CMMS software. New management reports were created to provide the information necessary to properly manage and staff projects. When it was determined that current metrics were driving staff behavior resulting in ineffective work habits, new KPI metrics were created to better measure desired technician performance. Preventive Maintenance (PM) procedures were updated and additional PM schedules were created to eventually reduce the on-demand maintenance requirements. The ASU staff was trained how to properly enter work order details. Management was trained on the new metrics and reports. These solutions created efficiencies in the Facilities Management Department and shifted ASU to a higher percentage of preventive maintenance work resulting in a greatly reduced backlog of on-demand maintenance issues.

Allen Independent School District
Allen Independent School District (AISD) successfully implements a new CMMS with assistance from Ensoft Consulting.

The Situation:
AISD had just purchased a new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and needed assistance in setting up and rolling out the new system.

What We Did:
Ensoft Consulting oversaw the initial system installation and data gathering. We then fine-tuned the system settings and data formats to meet the customer’s specific needs. Once complete, we created a system user manual that included system setup and operating procedures.

University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSWMC) implements Preventive Maintenance program with guidance from Ensoft Consulting.

The Situation:
UTSWMC wanted to implement the Preventive Maintenance (PM) functionality of their maintenance management software, but didn’t have the resources to plan and conduct the necessary data gathering and system data entry.

What We Did:
Ensoft Consulting developed data gathering plans and data templates for all departments to use for the data collection phase of the project. We then imported the data into the maintenance database and conducted user training on how to use the new Preventive Maintenance functionality.

Parkland Hospital
Parkland Hospital meets their business objectives with a turnkey CMMS from Ensoft Consulting.

The Situation:
The Facilities Maintenance department at Parkland Hospital was considering replacing their existing home-grown legacy maintenance management system. The project kept stalling and was not getting any traction.

What We Did:
Ensoft Consulting provided a turnkey Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to the hospital. After conducting a thorough needs assessment and software selection, Ensoft Consulting successfully implemented the selected CMMS to meet Parkland Hospital’s business objectives.

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